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About Us

About Surface Ophthalmics

Founded in 2018, Surface Ophthalmics (Surface) stands as a pioneering biopharmaceutical firm devoted to the discovery and market introduction of advanced treatments for diseases affecting the ocular surface. Our mission is to address critical care needs within eye care by harnessing in-depth knowledge, a dynamic strategy, a focus on efficiency, and distinctive clinical benefits. Surface boasts a remarkable team of leaders and advisors, each distinguished by their outstanding leadership qualities, exceptional skills, and comprehensive industry knowledge—factors that are vital to the company’s achievements.

Our Commitment

At Surface we are committed to transforming the management and treatment of naturally occurring and surgery-associated dry eye syndrome (DES) through our proprietary portfolio. DES is complex and diverse in nature. With this range of targeted therapies selected and tailored for precise patient presentations, our goal is to equip eyecare professionals with the first comprehensive suite of products effectively addressing the diversity of signs, symptoms and etiologies spanning mild episodic to severe chronic dry eye syndrome.

Surface Ophthalmics Commitment
Surface Ophthalmics History

Our History

In our first six years, Surface evaluated a series of novel formulations to treat dry eye syndrome and post-surgical pain and inflammation. After trialing in over 530 patients in well-designed prospective, controlled, randomized, and masked FDA-registered Phase II clinical trials at 50 U.S. clinical sites, we have identified and are pursuing four proprietary, topical eyedrop solutions for commercialization.

Our Primary Drug Candidates

We take immense pride in our distinct and significant clinical programs. These initiatives hold promise for bringing relief to patients battling with dry eye disease or experiencing ocular discomfort and inflammation. For further details on our clinical efforts, please explore our pipeline information.