Surface Ophthalmics



This portfolio covers the complete spectrum – from products designed to temporarily alleviate episodic discomfort to advanced therapies targeting chronic ocular surface damage and persisting symptoms. With this breadth of options, we empower ECPs to precisely match the appropriate treatment to each presentation to effectively address signs, symptoms, and underlying disease severity. By addressing the diverse causes and presentations of dry eye through targeted therapies, we ultimately aim to deliver complete, lasting relief tailored to each patient’s needs.

Kera SolTM Tears:

An over the counter (OTC) artificial tear solution designed to provide cell-friendly, short-term, fast-acting temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye.

Mycosol (Surf-101):

This first-in-class prescription (Rx) eye drop aims to delivers Mycophenolate (MPA) in our proprietary vehicle to provide sustained immunosuppressive effects at the ocular surface. The active ingredient, mycophenolate, is a compound well characterized to selectively target and inhibit replication and proliferation of T-lymphocytes and antibody-producing B-lymphocytes involved in dry eye inflammation. This topical immunomodulatory effect is expected to both reduce immune-mediated damage to the lacrimal glands as well as stimulate tear film mucin production - addressing core inflammatory mechanisms underlying dry eye. With dual complementary effects suppressing inflammation while promoting mucin secretion, Mycosol has the potential to offer ECPs a novel anti-inflammatory option for addressing signs and symptoms.1

Solutions in Development