Surface Ophthalmics

Richard Lindstrom, MD

Richard Lindstrom, MD – Founder & Chairman

Leadership Richard Lindstrom, MD Founder & Chairman Dr. Richard Lindstrom is a founder, director and has been an attending surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants P.A., a provider of eye care services, since 1989. Dr. Lindstrom has served as a researcher, teacher, inventor, writer, lecturer and highly acclaimed physician and surgeon in the ophthalmology field. He […]

J. Andy Corley

J. Andy Corley – Director

Leadership J. Andy Corley Director Mr. Corley has a 45 + year history in the eye care industry.  Starting his career at Allergan in 1978 as a sales representative, his career has centered on the commercial aspects of ophthalmic technology.  In 1984 he joined American Medical Optics and participated in the launch of the YAG laser, later that decade […]

Adrienne Graves, PhD

Adrienne Graves, Ph.D. – Lead Director

Leadership Adrienne Graves, PhD Lead Director Dr. Adrienne Graves is a visual scientist by training and a global industry leader in ophthalmology. Dr. Graves was CEO of Santen Inc (2002-2010) following 7 years there as Sr VP of Worldwide Clinical Development. She previously spent 9 years at Alcon, where she built a Retinal Electrophysiology Lab, […]

Perry J. Sternberg

Perry J. Sternberg – Director

Leadership Perry J. Sternberg Director Perry Sternberg, who currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for Corium, Inc., brings more than 25 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, with commercial experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including ophthalmics, in diverse markets. Sternberg spent time working with therapies for both […]

Shelley Thunen

Shelley Thunen – Director

Leadership Shelley Thunen Director Shelley Thunen joined as a member of our board of directors and chair of the audit committee in August 2020. Since January 2016, Ms. Thunen has served as the Chief Financial Officer of RxSight, Inc., a publicly held company (Nasdaq:RXST), that developed and markets the world’s only adjustable intraocular lens for […]