Surface Ophthalmics


Dennis Saadeh

Manufacturing Operations

Dennis Saadeh currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer for Harrow, an ophthalmic-focused pharmaceutical company. A pharmacist by education and training, he has 30 years of relevant drug development experience, and 10 years in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. His current responsibilities include oversight of Harrow’s Medical and Clinical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, CMC, and Pharmacy Operations. Dr. Saadeh also contributes and collaborates with the intellectual property teams, analytical development group, active pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers and contract manufacturers to execute company initiatives. Prior to Harrow, from 1996 to 2015, Dr. Saadeh owned and operated a specialty pharmacy business focused on developing and dispensing customized compounded sterile preparations.


He has his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California and obtained his Fellowship in the American College of Apothecaries in 2005.