Surface Ophthalmics


Vartan Ghazarossian, PhD

Strategic Advisor

Vartan Ghazarossian, Ph.D., is a biomedical scientist with over three decades of experience in the healthcare technology sector. His areas of expertise encompass the research, development, and commercialization of therapeutic and diagnostic technologies, as well as medical devices. He has concentrated his efforts in the medical specialties, including cardiology, nephrology, hematology, and recently, ophthalmology.

Dr. Ghazarossian is currently the founder and CEO of StepWise Medical, LLC, a Silicon Valley-based accelerator he established in 2017. StepWise is focused on driving forward technological breakthroughs in eyecare. Notably, the company has been instrumental in launching various startups, delving into medical devices, AI-based ophthalmology software, and state-of-the-art contact lenses. A significant achievement is Visant Medical, Inc., a venture that successfully developed an innovative canalicular filler, which received FDA clearance, and was subsequently acquired by Nordic Pharma.

Dr. Ghazarossian has co-authored close to fifty scientific publications and abstracts and has a portfolio of over 30 patents.

Vartan Ghazarossian, Ph.D.